Fossil & Prehistoric Jewellery

Koolasuchus Cleelandi Pendant


As I live in San Remo , Victoria I was very excited to know that this area was the first place in Australia that Fossil remains of dinosaurs were found in the early 1900's.

In May of 2017 I held an exhibition at my Gallery in San Remo exhibiting some of the fossils as well as making some wonderful jewellery with fossilised stones and sculptures that I have made of these dinosaurs.

My favourite is of course the Koolasuchus Cleelandi which was unearthed by local Lesley Kool and Mike Cleeland.  These are available in 925 Silver ($125 each Including postage in Australia) or even Rose/White and Yellow Gold ( please contact me for a quote in Gold ) as pendants or even rings....little bit heavy for earrings. 

Fossilized Dinosaur Bone Earrings with Cognac Diamonds in 375 Yellow gold


These handmade earrings are claw set fossilized Dinosaur bone cabochon Marquise cut (24.55ct in total weight)  Claw set Fancy Brown Faceted Diamonds (TW 1.79ct) 

375 (9ct) Gold Weight 5 grams

Hook Earrings


Fossilized Ammonite and Trylobite Neckpiece

This is necklet featuring a centre fossilized Tryolbyte and a pair of polished Ammonites with  Broom

Fossilized Ammonite and Trylobite Neckpiece bezel set in 925 silver and on a heavy silver belcher chain

On the bottom is a bezel set South Sea Mabe Pearl from Broome.

This item has  recently sold but I can create another one something like this one!

Wear a piece of earth's history on your neck!

estimated price


Trylobite Necklace with Platypus and Crocodile


I love the Australian animals and these two are my favourite! 

One of course is deadly the other can be too if you get stung by the barb in the Platypus rear leg!

Lovely Trylobite fossil stone wiht Broome Mabe South Sea Pearl and Black Diamond set into it!

Available at Artspace Gallery in Wonthaggi Victoria!


Fossilized Fern with Keshi Pearl Pendant

This 925 (Sterling Silver) handmade Pendant is made from Fossilized Fern from Queensland that was fo


This 925 (Sterling Silver) handmade Pendant is made from Fossilized Fern from Queensland that was found in a river bed and hand polished into a lovely round cabochon by Roger Green

Has a small Natural South Sea Keshi Pearl from Thursday Island attached to  wire freeform setting

Once again a unique design!


Amber Cabochon Earrings


Amber is an amazing gemstone. Soft yet is glows like a warm sunset.

Handmade Hook Earrings in a 925 silver bezel setting with 375 yellow gold granules 

These have sold but I can make more!